oughta do this more often

So, my back is still hurting a bit, limiting some of my activities.  Yesterday, after not sleeping well I went to my twice-weekly swim workout (with low expectations).

At the beginning of each four week session, the coach has us swim three 100 yard intervals as fast as we can.  As with running, the idea is to find a pace you can maintain, or even increase for the last interval.  I generally swim the first one the fastest, and sputter to complete the last two close behind.

My neck was very stiff as I warmed up.  I tried doing an interval at threshold pace to get an idea of how bad things would be.  I expected to be 5-10 seconds off my peak (which is significant).

Turns out I was right.  Only I ended up being 8 seconds faster than before.  Wow!

When I swam the first interval, I concentrated on doing long strokes and keeping my breathing very steady.  Apparently it worked.

I did the first 100 in 1:21, the second in 1:24, and the third in 1:23.  The coach had me down a couple of seconds faster than that for each of them, averaging out to a 1:21.

I celebrated by doing some short speed intervals on the treadmill.

Other than not believing I had this in me, I’m noticing that a couple of guys in the session still blow my doors off in the 100s.  I’ll swim as hard as I can and lose a couple of body lengths per pool length.  Also – Kris is still faster than me.


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