oh the humanity !

I just got off the phone with American Express.  I had some minor questions about the account, which didn’t fit into the 2 or 3 obvious categories for automated help.

You’ve probably noticed that your customer service experiences mostly stink.  Sometimes, it’s bad luck and you get a representative who’s not helpful.  Other times you spend a long time navigating their automated menu system, and either get lost or end up repeating all of the information you’ve provided along the way several times.

My experience today was more depressing than any of those things – despite having a very polite and helpful rep.

I spent several minutes navigating an annoying automated menu system that I’m sure saves AmEx a ton of money, but just feels cruddy.  Then I got a very polite and helpful customer service rep who was able to answer my question in about two seconds.

The problem was, there was a pretty loud BEEP that sounded every five seconds or so during our conversation.  I asked the rep about it, and she offered to try to ‘turn it down’ (she couldn’t).  I asked her why the BEEP?

She told me that it’s a reminder that the call is being monitored (as if she needed a reminder).  I think it’s really a way to speed up the calls ?

She said it was annoying for the first three or four weeks, but now she doesn’t hear it anymore.  I’ll bet.  They were told there’s a way to turn the sound down (or off), but no one’s told them how.

AmEx – you suck for doing this to your reps.  It’s totally dehumanizing. 

If I’d found a way to give you the feedback via your customer service website, I would have done that, but you’ve (prudently) omitted that option.

The BEEP has got to cause PTSD, hearing loss, or both.


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