taking the good with the bad

So – since tweaking my back about a week and a half ago, I’ve been a bit off my game.  I did a hard 20 miler over the weekend – the last 6 of which were not that much fun.  The subsequent runs have not been quality miles.  I’m feeling like a bag of aches, pains, and complaints.

The magic thing about running for me is about being able to disconnect or make sense of some of the things that are causing me grief.  When I feel like my body is betraying me, it’s tough because I rely on the mental and physical outlet that running gives me.

Tonight I ran with a good friend who is always good company, and manages to push me harder than I’d push myself.  He’d already run once today (actually yesterday now), and only came out because because he knew it’d help me out.  Or maybe because he wanted to cause me some pain :).

Actually it was great.  I spent a good bit of the run wondering why I was out there, but mixed in a couple of short accelerations towards the end (up the hill on the ardmore trail, and then finishing up towards work).  Even if I’ve had faster days, as long as I can do that, everything’s going to be okay.

Also got the news that one of the regulars at the Eastside Runner’s track workout had a serious heart attack while running last night.  Don’t know very much, other than that Scott’s in the ICU … so send your positive thoughts up here to Scott and his family.


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