nightline and gma redux

So – a couple of weeks back, my former GM Megan was profiled on Good Morning America and Nightline.

I’ve drawn a couple of conclusions after watching the interviews :

  1. My wife and I will never agree to be interviewed on national television.  It requires a type of courage I simply do not have.  Anh and Megan demonstrated great poise in the spotlight, especially when fielding such incredibly personal questions.
  2. I can’t believe that Megan makes time to get a run in, and cook pancakes for her son each morning.  That’s amazing!

Not forgetting for a moment that Megan and Anh are real people, I very much admire how they’re willing to share their journey with the rest of us.  A real family’s story is much more powerful and convincing than anything that the Human Rights Campaign (or any other fine organization like that) can say.


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