opening day

Yesterday I attended my first-ever opening day game of the baseball season.  I’ve been looking forward to the season starting since the World Series ended, so this promised to be a lot of fun.

I’d really tweaked my back over the weekend, so can’t walk (let alone run) any distance now.  I’m getting around like an eighty-year old man (the words of my chiropractor).  So I was concerned about the shlep from the bus stop to the stadium.  Turned out it wasn’t an issue, because there was no place to park to catch the bus.

I flew into the city in record time (no traffic).  But I was in for a surprise when I went to park.  Prices had gone up a bit.

The folks offering parking are savvy to the same pricing structure many teams use for their game tickets.  You pay more to park when the Y*nkees are in town than when then Royals are.  Last year, parking seemed to run about $20 for the "premium games".

Yesterday I paid $35.  I’m gonna take the bus in this year.  That’s obscene.

Okay – so I nestled into my seat up on the 300 level, above right field.  And the winds picked up.  Then the snow began to fall.  I’d never watched baseball in the snow before.  Or at least watched it falling outside of Safeco Field’s retractable roof.  When the roof’s closed, the upper deck turns into a sort of wind tunnel.

So cold.  It was hard to keep score with numb fingers.  Guess I need to bring my gloves next time!

Oh – the Mariners won 5-2.  The game was pretty good – decent pitching, mostly station-to-station scoring (which is more fun to watch anyway).

As I write this, it’s 35 degrees outside.  Hard to say that spring is here, but the calendar says it is.


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