the orton effect

From time to time I’ll trade Photography tips with my friend Ben.  Unfortunately, he shoots with Canon equipment, so his pictures almost never come out, but occasionally he’ll happen across something useful.

As so it is with the Orton Effect.  Essentially this is a trick using blurs between layers, that yields a sort of painterly effect.  It can be hit or miss, but when it works it’s pretty nice.  Check out the following examples (‘normal’ picture is first, you may have to click to get the larger picture in order to see a significant difference).

DSC_4405 DSC_4405 orton

In the following picture, the cropping is a bit different (too lazy to generate a similar ‘normal’ picture).  The other thing I did was to erase the stamens from the the sharp and out of focus layers.  The blending creates a much softer look than I wanted for them, so I tried ‘punching out’ the areas I wanted to keep sharp.  I like it, and it wasn’t that much work.

20080226-DSC_4418 20080226-DSC_4418---cropped---orton-

Photoshop users should try it out – doesn’t take long and it’s an interesting way to present landscapes and still lifes.


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