orton effect redux

Okay – the pictures I posted for the orton don’t really show well subsampled as they were.  Let’s try it again, with a detailed portion of the flower picture.

20080226-DSC_4418---detail 20080226-DSC_4418---cropped---orton---detail-

Here, you can better see the effect that the gaussian blur and intra-layer blends have.  The detail on the petals is lost, giving almost a painted look.  This close up, you can see the color shift effect that the blurring has on the flower’s pistil (particularly the edges of the stigma).  As I mentioned yesterday, I "punched out" the rough shape of the stigma to keep its focus sharp.  It’s a nice complement to the soft look of the petals.

If I’d been more patient, I might have spent time trying to get the stigma’s mask correct (eliminating the fringing).  That was more work than I wanted to do.  I also don’t mind the way the picture looks at its ordinary magnification and crop.

Here’s a bit of detail from the picture of the Olympics too.

DSC_4405---detail DSC_4405---orton---detail

The effect is very pronounced on the detail of the mountain.  The color shift that the blending induces is very nice – really accentuates the orange light of the sunrise.

I’ll probably play around a bit with different subjects, and different blur coefficients (I used 12 for this one) … this sort of thing can be very hit or miss.


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