i got what i paid for

Sunday I did a 23 mile run out in the Redmond Watershed.  Depending on how you look at things, it was either agonizing or pretty good.

Agonizing because it was hard.  I started feeling fatigue less than 10 miles in, and it got steadily harder.  By the time I finished, I was pretty cooked.  I might have been able to muster a couple more, but was very very glad I didn’t have to try.

Pretty good because a week ago I was having trouble walking.  My back seized up pretty badly, and I spent lots of quality time at the chiropractor to get myself back on the road.  I managed five runs in seven days, this after hobbling around like I was eighty!

Also – between the back stuff and my recent nasty cold, my mileage base is very marginal.  I’ve done a bunch of 20-25 mile weeks recently.  That’s not sufficient to do a marathon.

But that’s exactly what I’m going to do in just under three weeks.

After putting off a decision for a long time, I finally booked travel and registered for the Free State Trail Marathon in Lawrence Kansas.  It’s a small event, with a marathon, 40 miler, and 100k.  So, I’m doing the short distance this time.

I thought I’d stumbled onto something unique with this race.  But when I let it drop to some of my friends in the running club, I found that not only was the secret out about the Free State Trail Marathon, but several others were going one better.  They’re planning on running it on Saturday, then making the 6 hour trip to run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on Sunday.  One of them invited me to join them.  I declined, but have continued to think about it.

Not this time, but I’d like to try running back-to-back someday.  The only way I’d do that was if I was willing to throw all time goals out the window, and if I thought I could do it and still have a good time.  That second part is really important to me.

So, instead of beating up my body with a second marathon, I’ll drive down to visit my friend Jeff and his family, transplants from Capitola California to the hinterlands of southeastern Kansas.

Anyway – every time I have a long run like yesterday’s, I feel inspired to increase my mileage, and work in more quality runs.  It’d be a mistake to shift gears this close to a race, but I’d like to do this afterwards.  That’s what I’d been doing before wrenching my back last month lifting weights.

In the meantime, I’ll stick to running for fun and distance.


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