boy in the bubble

I’m five days from running the Free State Trail Marathon.  It’s virtually impossible to get any faster or stronger at this point.  On the other hand, it’s pretty easy to mess things up.

Ten days from running Top of Utah a couple of years ago, I face-planted while doing a run from work, and tweaked my left foot.  It hurt so much at the time, I worried whether I’d be able to run at all.  Fortunately for me, my "turf toe" healed enough to allow it.

More recently, my friend Cathy was doing one of her last long runs before doing the Prague Marathon (next month) when a biker hit her while going about 15-20 mph.  She’s okay, but pretty banged up.  Presuming she’s on the starting line, she will not run the race she’d planned to.  And it’s not her fault at all.

So at this point, I’d really just like to curl up and go to sleep for the next five days.  I’d be just as happy to wake up dressed and ready to go on Saturday morning.  Actually, it’d be event better to wake up 18 miles into the race when the real fun begins!

Also – last long run on Saturday was interesting.  I did 11 miles at tempo at the Redmond Watershed.   Cold, rain, hail, snow.  Potentially 40 degrees cooler than it’ll be at the marathon.

Now about that Women’s Olympic Marathon Trial yesterday … don’t we all wish we could muster a finish like Deena Kastor?  Amazing!  She picked up 15-20 seconds on her previous mile splits to make up a 2 minute deficit over 6 miles!  This is pretty much what she did in the heat (and hills) in Athens four years ago too.

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