bragging rights

Rachel and I had some errands to run this past Sunday morning, and we found ourselves browsing at REI.  They had the climbing rock open, and Rachel seemed interested, so I asked her whether she’d like to try (first no, then maybe).  We ascertained that she was tall enough (made it by this much), and signed up.

The only catch was that she wanted me to go first.  That would have defeated the purpose, because I could not help but make it seem scary (acrophobia!).  I tried to finesse things by suggesting that we usually let the youngest go first in all of the games we play, but she wasn’t buying it.  I told her I would (all the while holding my breath).

Well – they got us set up with harnesses, and told us to pick out shoes.  And the most wonderful thing happened – they didn’t have my size!  So – Rachel agreed to climb first, while we looked around for my size (which they didn’t have).

And it was great!  She got up about 15 feet, climbing like a little bug.  She’s definitely athletic enough, and she managed to focus on the wall rather than how high she was going.  The guy on the belay rope gave her tips on where to look for handholds.  The odd thing was that he’d use jargon ("traverse to your left" … etc), but somehow she understood.  A natural!


Kris and Kayla came by shortly afterwards.  Kayla and I watched the two brave ones go up.  Naturally Kris made it all the way to the top, and Rachel had another really good climb.  The best part was seeing how proud Rachel was of herself!

All of these pictures were from the camera on my cell phone … didn’t plan on needing anything better.


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