in the bubble – redux

I’m writing this from my seat on Midwest Airlines flight 426 to Kansas City.  Big, roomy seats – even better on an exit row.  I wonder how long they’ll be in business.

All that’s left for the race on Saturday is a meal of plain pasta w/ olive oil, a couple of good nights’ sleep, and 26.2 miles of fun.

I’m trying not to put any pressure on myself for this event.  I haven’t trained for a PR, and don’t know whether the course will permit a fast run anyway.  There are only about 55 people registered for the marathon, with another 75 or so doing the 100 mile and 40 mile ultras.  I’m going to focus on enjoying a morning out in the woods.

I slept later than planned this morning – wanted to aim for about 5, but was up late last night.  It was a nice morning with the girls.  Both of them woke up on time, got ready easily, and were generally warm and sunny.  Kayla helped tie on a couple of friendship bracelets they made for me.  These help remind me of what’s important, whether running or not.  Both are very pretty too – they’re bound to elicit comments.

I did a short run from the school after dropping the girls off.  As is my tradition two days before a marathon, I did 20 minutes, mostly easy.  About halfway through I mixed in three minute-long accelerations.  Sometimes these are sort of like sprints, but today I settled for something like an 8k pace. 

I’ve had some nagging knee pain the past two or three days.  I had Dr. Scott work on it yesterday, but it’s still tight and tender.  It shouldn’t be a factor, but it might be a distraction. 

Kris drove me to the airport this morning, which was very nice.  We were an hour late taking off, which gave me a bit of time to eat, and browse the bookstores.  I’ll probably get to the hotel around 8 tonight, and hope to eat before then.

It’s all about staying relaxed now.  That means not freaking out about what I might have forgotten.  I should be able to make do, as I have my shoes, some comfortable running clothes, and my fuel (Accel gels and single serving packets of Cytomax).

In my mind, I’m thinking about the strong finishers in the women’s marathon trials last weekend, and playing Van Morrison’s "Into the Mystic".  Catchy and poetic.


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