so – what’s next?

After completing a race, I usually spend a while casting about for my next goal.  This time, I’ve wanted to do another marathon in pretty quick succession.  It’s the height of the season, the weather’s perfect, and I’m in shape for it.

However, I’ve got to make it work with all other family commitments.  Kris put dibs in on a couple of events some time back (Issaquah Tri, and Seven Hills of Kirkland).  Also, last-minute airfare to say Fargo or Laramie gets pretty expensive.  I thought about doing the Tacoma City Marathon last weekend, as it’s put on by the Marathon Maniacs, but the kids’ school Art Festival was happening, and that took precedence.

So – I’m wanting to do the Capital City Marathon this coming weekend in Olympia.  Beyond coming in under four hours, I don’t have a time goal.  I’ve done the half several times, and enjoyed myself, and it’s close.

Should be a nice training run.  When I’m feeling wistful though, I think about the course profile for the Wyoming Marathon, and wonder what running at 8700′ of altitude is like.  Capital City’s bound to be easier.


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