day one recovery

I felt like crap yesterday after finishing the marathon.  Possible worse than I’d felt anytime since running the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Marathon about nine years ago.  I ended up taking a nap at the finish in SD.  Yesterday, I couldn’t even muster polite conversation with some friends at the finish.  Ugh.

I got a massage from Jamie of BodyMechanics just after the race.  It was easier to enumerate the places that didn’t hurt than the places that did.  I had muscle spasms in my legs, feet, and back.  All of this is pretty unusual for me – my conditioning is pretty good.  I think this reflects that I overdid it a bit, and that it was pretty warm (in the 70s).

Today’s a bit better.  My lower back is pretty angry, so I visited the fine folks at Essential Chiropractic this morning.  Still, I can’t really visualize running yet.  I mustered a solid 2100 yards in the pool early this morning.  My speed wasn’t there, but my form felt okay.  That’s a start.

Can’t help wondering how much better I would have done (and felt), if I’d stuck with my goal pace in the early miles.  I also think I need to get more mileage at higher cadence before trying another marathon with it.

So – some lessons learned.


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