what hitting the wall looks like

I plotted out my mile splits from yesterday, and the results are pretty much what I thought.  Except that I started faster than I’d thought.  I averaged under 8:40 per mile until mile 21.  After that I gave away 25 seconds per mile.  That’s hard to do!

The chart below tells the story.  The blue line shows my per-mile pace (see the big spike at 21).  The rust line shows the average mile split to that point.  See the upward trend after 21?  It’d look even more pronounced if I didn’t have to keep the domain wide enough to accommodate a more than three minute spread in mile splits!



Now let’s just look at the average pace mile-to-mile :



A better average pace line trends down.  That’s what it looks like when you run a smart race!

People talk about hitting the wall at mile twenty.  In this case, I think when it happened to me is immaterial.  I’m trained to run 26.2 just fine, provided I pick the correct pace!  Definitely should have started with flat 9 minute splits, and tried to pick up the pace later.  I would have felt better, and probably would have finished faster too.

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