unintentional brick workout

Happy accident today when I did an unexpected brick workout.  My plan was to drive over to the Sammamish Plateau this evening to do one of the Northwest Trail Series Runs, put on by the fine folks at Meridian Geographics.  I’d been wanting to do one of their events for a while now, and tonight’s had the advantage of being in Soaring Eagle Park, which I’d not visited.

After I cleared things with Kris, it occurred to me that I still had my bike sitting in my office.  I’d ridden it to visit Dr. Scott and then to work on Tuesday, but ended up getting a ride home.  Mapped it out, and saw that it was only about 13 miles each way, easily doable provided I left adequate time to get there.  Best laid plans …

So meetings ran late, and I scrambled out the door and hit the road about 50 minutes before the race started.  Traffic really sucked around work, things were backed up enough that it was difficult to weave around the cars on my bike.  I think it took about 15 minutes to go the first three or four miles (that pace wasn’t going to cut it).

I tore down East Lake Sammamish, but then crawled up Inglewood Hill.  Then the next several miles were harder up and down.  I got to the park with about five minutes to spare.  That’s about enough time to pull my shoes on, change shirts and start running.  But wait – I hadn’t brought a lock, so I had to find a place to stash the bike and my stuff.  And register.  Pay.  Etc.  Made it though.

The run wasn’t fast, but it was nice.  The trail was pretty muddy in spots, but not bad.  Temperature was perfect – right around 60.  Since I was pretty frantic when getting ready, I didn’t really hear the instructions for the course.  There’s a turnaround point, which was pretty important for me, because I needed to ride back in the little remaining daylight I’d have after running five miles.  Missing it would mean having to call Kris for a ride, which would be a big pain for her and the kids.

Since I hadn’t listened, I expected a simple out and back course, with the turnaround coming after about 20-25 minutes.  After 30 minutes I resigned myself to having to run the ten mile course because I’d been an idiot.  But it turned out that that turn happened a bit over a mile from the finish, so that wasn’t a problem.  I passed several people heading up the last hill, and finished pretty strongly (counting my cadence along the way – it was 84, right about where I’d expect).

What was a problem was getting back on the bike and going over all of those hills on the way back.  I’d chatted a bit, and had partaken in a bunch of the trail mix (laced with M&Ms), and braved one of the very dense brownie things.  So most of the bloodflow was going to my stomach to process all of that bad stuff, and not out to my legs to help me pedal.  Oy.

So – aside from being pathetic on the bike, things went pretty well.  Now if I could just structure my bike training (hills, sprints, etc) I’d be okay.

Good day to be out on the road and trail !


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