running journals

Like lots of other runners, I keep a journal of all runs, and have for four or five years.  This is a handy way to keep track of things that work (or don’t work), weekly and monthly mileage, aches and pains, and all sorts of other things.

Using these journals I can do things like look at my training regimen around PRs, and detect trends in fluid replenishment, running routes too. 

For example, I relived several fun runs from July and August of 2003 today.  On July 19, I PR’d in the 5k, finishing 3rd in my age group in the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Race at Sand Point in Seattle.  The next weekend, I ran up Mt Si and had a really hard time of it!  Then, on the 2nd of August, I ran my fastest mile ever (5:51), paced by my good friends Landy and Ben at a nearby track.

It’s funny – I remember doing these things, but had no idea that they were so close together.  What a phenomenal string of quality runs!

I’m sure if I dig around I’ll find other gems too – birthday runs (usually up Mt Si), interval workouts, mile repeats, trail runs up in the mountains.  Since I’ve got a log of all of my runs since about July of 2004, I’d be able to figure total and average mileage since then.

That’s either impressive or pathetic, but I’m not sure which.  You can decide for yourself.  They’re linked from : .


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