father’s day

Started off today with a nice 14 mile run along the East Lake Sammamish trail, with a group of marathon maniacs.  The recently-famous Annie joined the group, as did Dr. Eric, Ruben, Bob and Amy, Ram, John, Linda, Mighty May, and a couple of others too. 

The fast folk (Eric, Annie, John, and Ruben) shot out ahead at about a 7:30 pace, while the rest of us plodded along at around an 8:30 pace.  The sun was out, the birds singing, and the chatter was flying.  I’d never want to pass up a northwest summer.  Glad it’s finally making an appearance.

Group runs like this are a blast.  There was enough pace diversity to glom onto any number of groups.  We also met for breakfast afterwards.

My Father’s Day present from Kris and the girls was that the girls weeded out an area below our dogwood tree.  I’ve tried to progress beyond defensive yardwork, and I’m starting to make a dent.  The problem has been that I could point to any particular area and call it ‘done’.  Well – they took care of that – and now when I drive up to the house the nice clean area makes me smile.  When we get home, I’ll spread more mulch, and maybe put some perennials down there.  After finishing in the yard, we enjoyed a nice dinner with my parents.  Definitely a nice day, if a bit low-key.


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