time for the annual mosquito-hunting trip

Every summer we head to the wilds of the upper midwest to visit Kris’ family.  This year we’d planned to go in August, but with airfares getting increasingly more expensive, we opted for June.

Every trip is preceded by a degree of anticipation and dread.  Anticipation because we like visiting.  Dread because one never knows what theatrics the plane ride will include.  So far, so good.  I’m sitting with the kids as Kris works a crossword puzzle across the aisle.  They’re working on a coloring book together.  There’s been some minor friction over strawberries, and whether the window shade should be up or down, but otherwise things have been uneventful.

Tomorrow night, we’re going to a Twins’ game in the Metrodome.  Indoor baseball is unsatisfying, but I enjoy going with Kayla, her cousin Eric, and various uncles and aunts.  A curious feature of the dome is that its kept aloft with positive air pressure.  Consequently, you get sucked out into the night with gusto as you depart.

A couple of years back, we came out into a pretty spectacular lightning storm.  We don’t have those in the Northwest either.

We’ll spend several days up at the grandparent’s cabin, on a lake in northern Wisconsin.  That’s always a lot of fun.  It’s like going back about twenty years in time.  Weather permitting, the kids play all day in the water.  We’ll do some swims across the lake, some runs along the twisty country roads, and we’ll venture out in the canoe a bit.  With some luck, we’ll get to see some bald eagles too.


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