running in the north woods

We’re visiting Kris’ parents in northern Wisconsin for the next few days.  It’s pretty quiet, as the other families all have commitments around the Twin Cities.

Weather did not permit a lake swim today, but I got a nice 6 1/2 mile run in, from here over to the "Full of Beans" coffee shop (my favorite morning spot).  On the way out there, I exchanged greetings with a biker heading out on Long Lake Road.  I was trying to figure out how far I was from the turnaround, so I watched him go up over the hills until he disappeared.  Part of the road is out, so he had to navigate over some gravel (bummer on a road bike!).

When I got to the coffee place,I decided to top off my bottle with some water, and I ran into the biker in line.  He was a guy from the cities up for the weekend, and he was out for a 35 mile ride.  I was having a good time chatting with him, and ended up staying there for about 15 minutes chatting.

The interesting thing was that before stopping I’d felt sluggish most of the way.  It was about 80, but with a wind blowing, the heat wasn’t too much of an issue.  I’d thought this was because I’d covered about 40 miles in the previous 6 days without an off day.  I’d also done a tempo run, and some short intervals this week.  So even though I’d kept an easy pace, I thought maybe I’d overdone it a little.

However once I’d started back, running felt a lot easier, even though there was more of a headwind.  My cadence was slower than usual, but each stride didn’t feel as labored.  All I can think it that I’d carried some negative attitude and expectation into the run with me, which went away when I chatted with Michael for a while.

I’ll chalk it up to the power of positive thinking.


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