good week of workouts

So this past week, I ran about 39 miles, including a tempo workout (tuesday), intervals (thursday), and a double-up day (saturday).

Running at the cabin was particularly nice.  The weather was pretty warm, and I got a chance to do my 6.5 mile route a couple of times.  I doubled the 6.5 up with a 3.75 going out Kilkare Road towards County Road A.  I definitely felt fatigue on Friday and Saturday.  My left foot is also pretty sore with what feels like neuroma pain.  I thought about running yesterday, but took the day off instead. 

Kris and I also did a nice lake swim yesterday.  It was too windy to swim across (would’ve been hard to paddle the canoe in a straight enough line to guard each swimmer), so we stayed close to shore and swam over to the beach.  I doubled back and rounded the swim out to 45 minutes.  It wasn’t particularly fa

st, but it sure felt good to be in the water!

The week’s recap looks like this :

monday : 2400 yd swim, 3.25 mile, 35 min run in btsp

tuesday : 5.5 mile 45 min tempo run from j&k’s house out to ravine park

wednesday : 7 mile, 65 min recovery run from j&k’s house into ravine park, to the lake via the paved trail, and back on the dirt trails.

thursday : 6.5 mile, 55 min run with 12 1 min intervals, similar route to yesterday with speed mixed in.

friday : 6.5 mile recovery run out to CR H and back.

saturday : 6.5 mile run out to CR H and back in the morning.  3.75 miles out on Kilkare towards CR A.

sunday : 45 min swim, probably about 2000 yds total.


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