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bike accident : what i remember

I’ll tell you what I remember, which will not take very long :).

On the morning of July 1st, I kissed Kris goodbye, and got on my bike to go to work.  After about a mile and a half, I pulled off and indulged in a double espresso and got the NY Times for the crossword puzzle.  Then I headed to work, down Old Redmond Road.  That’s all I remember.

Here’s an article from the Seattle PI about the accident :

I’d had a collision with a pickup truck, and suffered from severe brain injuries, broken bones (collarbone, scapula, many facial bone breaks), and apparently a small fracture in one of my vertebrae which turned out to be not no serious.

I woke up about a week later in the ICU at Harborview Hospital in Seattle.  It was very strange.  I recall my father being there, and very quiet.  I really had no idea what had landed me there though.  It felt like a weird game of show and tell to let me know what was going on. 

I remember Kris being there with the kids too – which definitely warmed my heart as it was clear that something bad had happened.  Kayla made me smile with her smiles and an account of the Cinderella play she was in.  Rachel drew a big warm smile by telling me a joke that we’d exchanged many times.  Kris tells me that this was when she felt better, as it indicated that critical family memories were intact.  My mom was there, and brought more smiles.  I remember visiting Jason and Landy too.

Within a day or so I moved out of the ICU and into a ‘regular’ room.  I was still not awake very much, so not very aware of the elaborate arrangements Kris and co. had worked out for watching out for me, and visiting.  All I knew is that I kept running into people I knew.  It felt weird, because I still wasn’t really aware of my condition (despite having been told a couple of times).

So – I spent the next couple of days drifting in and out of sleep.  I remember lots of visits with friends, but had little idea that all of these kind folks were there looking out for me.  Thanks to all of you for being there – your presence meant a bunch!

Another few days later saw me moved to the ‘rehab’ wing and began the next phase of recovery.  Highlights were connecting with more friends, and completing my first few stints on the exercise bike, treadmill, and some balancing walking.

Without going into too much detail, I have to say that the physical and emotional I have received has been very critical to my recovery.  A huge thank you is owed to my friends, particularly in the ESR, MSFT, NUUC, and TLS communities.  I feel so fortunate to have friends like you!

A special thank you goes to my family.  My parents have been wonderful support.  My brother spent lots  of time (away from home!) with me, which has been very special.

Kayla and Rachel remain the lights in my heart.  I am also impressed with their focus on camps, plays, and helping at home.

The biggest thanks goes to Kris, my wife.  She is an amazing source of strength and stability for us.  I feel so very lucky to be with you.

Lots of details left out … but those are some of the high points.

at home … finally

I came home from the hospital yesterday, after nearly a month.  I slept most of the day yesterday.  It was great sitting at the dinner table at home last night also. 

The more I hear about how things were just after the accident, the more blessed I feel.  A big thanks to everyone who’s invested time and energy into my recovery.  It’s made a huge difference!

where i’ve been

I’ve been quiet this past several weeks, with good reason.
I owe many thanks all around to family and friends – these will come but not now.  Instead I’ll offer those who haven’t the chance to read about what’s happened :
I can say with great sincerity that I am probably the most fortunate person I know – for my physical well-being (and excellent health care), but also (and very importantly) to have been surrounded by such kind and giving friends and family.