recovery and patience

It’s been a while now.  Lot’s going on.
I’m having trouble managing the pain, and getting out to recover.  Very annoying.  Ideally, I’d see steady progress, but what happening is a bit different.I’m not eating enough, sleeping a bunch, and not feeling much progress.  Goals are difficult, as I seem to seem short each day (1 walk instead of two, etc, 15 min insted of 20).  I’m not eating enough (I think).
We had a mess the other day when I ended up back at Harborview, owing to communication issues.  It’s discouraging.  What’s missing is a feeling of confidence and certainty over what’s ahead for me.  That’s difficult because I’m not sure.
In the running world, what’s needed in a situation like this is a steady ration of goals ahead of me.  What I’ve been seeing isn’t enough.
This morning, I was feeling down about this.  I’d moped to Kris about my progress, and was feeling pretty sad.  Then my daughter asked about what my half-shaven head had looked like in the hospital, so Kris retrieved a picture from the ‘early days’. 
Wow.  Believe it or not, it might have been what I needed for a shot of patience.  Rachel had no idea what my tears were about :).

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