peace, smiles


I’m spending time now writing a set of thank you notes to the sizeable number of people who helped my family and I through my recovery so far.  Without their help, things would have been much more difficult.  More importantly, it’s a great way to focus on the positive now.  It’s a great path to feeling good.  I write honestly and sincerely, and definitely have many thanks to offer now. 

The past couple of weeks have been tough ones for me.  I’ve have a number of challenges that have been difficult and unexpected.  Most prominent are the falls I’ve taken after dizzy moments.  Our theory is that these are due to under-hydration, or to suddenly standing after a long period of being down.  I’ve had two trips to the ER as a resuit, with one that gained me five stitches above my left eye.  As a result my family is now constantly reminding me to move a bit before standing every time I’m supposed to get up.

The other unpleasantness has been some GI action (or inaction). This is finally getting better after some ER visits.  The adjustment for me is that my body is now acting differently than it ever has.  That’s going to require some training and diligence on my part.  This might be the most annoying this thus far.

The thing I’ll say is that my path to recovery is not as straight a line as I’d hoped, and I’m genuinely thankful for the support I have from Kris and the rest if the family.  There have been a number of late nights of assistance, hard discussions, and lost sleep all around.  No fun, and difficult to plan for.

I’m missing some regular ‘highlights’ lately.  When I’ve ventured out of a regular routine, there’s been a price to pay.  With that in mind, it’s important to think about those positives. 

I spent a while the other day on the phone with my longest-time friend, Doron.  He and I talked for about 30 minutes, relaxed and enjoying each other’s company.  We chatted about things we feel fortunate about, and reconnected about older memories too.  It was great.

I got to do some of the same yesterday at a gathering for Ed and Barb two ESR friends who are headed off around the world.  Even if interacting amongst a bunch of people isn’t easy for me right now, it’s great to sit among good friends and soak up the warmth.

So – this is what’s ahead right now.  It’s not always easy to get there, but still a damn sigh better than looking back.

Peace and smiles!


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