mixed news- yes to the skull, no to the eyesight

Well – busy times today.

We started off this morning with an upbeat meeting with a neurosurgeon, planning to re-add the top of my skull back to my head.  The planned date for this operation is Saturday morning!  This is about a month sooner than the folks at Harborview had planned, and we’re definitely happy about this.  It spells the end of my time walking around with a helmet!

Several hours later, we headed into Seattle to meet with a neuro-opthomologist this afternoon.  This was not as upbeat.  We started out by waiting a long time before seeing anyone, and when we finally did – the staff we saw was very poor.  Their computer system was down, so they didn’t have much info to offer in the beginning.  We had to sit through a pretty bad intro show with people who didn’t have info, and couldn’t figure out about to secure information about my left eye.  Eventually they seemed to agree with each other that there was no way I’d be able to see out of my left eye again.  Eventually, the clown show ceased, but the answer was the same from the doctor when he showed up.  This was depressing, but credible.

I was pretty quiet on the ride home, and fell asleep when we got there.

I slept until about 7, and woke to child-generated chaos at home.  Apparently, Rachel and her friend were having some noisy fun, and our friend Trish had started making some great dinner and dessert for us!  Definitely a treat.  So although today’s news was a bit mixed, we had a chance to put things into perspective and enjoy some great company. 

Trish – thanks for the great care and company!


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