day to day well-being is a moving target

Two days until surgery, and I’m still not sure of the right daily focal points.  I can’t quite anticipate the right needs per rest and nourishment.  It’s annoying.  Roughly every second or third day feels okay now.  That’s not good enough by a long shot.

We sat with a neurologist yesterday who consulted with us on this and related matters.  Helpful, but still frustrating that some of the answers are not yet known.

The big deal is that the kids start school within a week or two, so it matters even more.  Kayla starts middle school in Seattle this year, so the athletic and carpooling needs go up.  I’m pretty sure things will be okay from the logistics standpoint, but since we’re involved with a new school, I’ll feel left out of the scrum.  That’s no fun for me.

What you’re reading is that I very much want to be a parent, very much involved with my kids’ school and recreation.  Pre-accident, I was very much used to being able to anticipate how I’d feel day to day.  Now, it’s not so easy.

This is the current work in progress.  Wish me luck!


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