post surgery thoughts

Okay – so it’s day two with my skull put back together.  I’m sitting in my living room, browsing online stuff, and listening to my children grouse about sharing some downstairs play space.  It’s somewhat refreshing, even if a bit complicated.

I’m enjoying reading the kind notes on the caringbridge journal, some articles of support in our church newsletter, and pondering more stuff for publication through several communities we take part in.  All I can say about this is that I continue to feel overwhelmingly touched by the generous outreach we receive from others.  I very much enjoy engaging with folks who visit, or volunteer to watch over me when Kris needs to get out of the house.

What all of this has taught me is that I’m a truly fortunate person.  And that feeling helps combat feelings I have about the accident itself.  It’s natural to think about the circumstance around the accident, particularly since the driver was found to have illegal substances in his bloodstream at the time.  Given the overall impact on me, my family, and friends, it is natural to ponder the overall fairness of my situation.

For the time being, until I know more about the circumstances of the accident, I definitely prefer to focus on the positive aspects of my situation.  So – yes – I feel very fortunate.  I’m very lucky to be alive, and I feel very lucky to be a part of the supportive family and communities I call home.

What I hope is that some of the unknown effects of the accident (debilitating pain in my skull, occasional fermenting of nervous impulses and word choices) get better now.

It’d be good to be able to give back to some of these fine folks sooner, rather than later.


One response to “post surgery thoughts

  • Devon

    Hi Paul, I’ve been following your story on Cambridge and now also your blog.  I had a good premonition about your recovery so I thought I would share it:  You will regain full satisfaction with your life again!  Though it will take time and some new shape.  I am so glad to see you well and making progress on this path.  Love, Devon Elliott

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