cleanup time

So one of the things that happens every so often is that your MSFT credentials expire, and you need to get a new password.  Usually there are ample reminders that this is coming. 

That wasn’t the case for me last month with everything going on, so last night I braved the support line to handle this.  The guy was very helpful, and I was somewhat dense.  I had trouble reading some of the screen stuff that was to guide me through.  Oy!

When I got in, I had nearly 2000 messages, 1500 of them unread.  When I finished the first pass this morning, I had 250 messages in my inbox, with no unread.  It’s amazingly easy to delete daily messages that are old, or that I don’t stand a chance of pitching in on!

Later today, I need to take a shot at the remaining 3000 messages that were filtered to other folders.  That should be pretty easy as most of these are automated.


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