found my fatigue limit

Well – I found my limits yesterday after a full day.

I went for my longest walk with my brother (made it to the main corral in Bridle Trails State Park), had a great lunch at Truly Mediterranean, took Kayla shopping for workout clothes, played bridge for a couple of hours, and took in the end of the Mariners/Yankees game at my parents.

That’s approaching a recovered person’s day.  I enjoyed myself a bunch, but definitely felt the load.  I’m hoping that I got enough sleep to rest enough.

Last night’s fatigue could have been due to the card-playing, because of the degree of concentration necessary during, or it may just have been the fullness of the day itself.  In any case, we;ll see how today goes.

I’m hoping to take a slot during the Northlake UU Water Ceremony today to offer my sincere thanks to the congregation for their wonderful, loving support while I was in the hospital.  These folks spent time looking after me on several day and night shifts, and they generously brought meals to my family at home that allowed my wife, kids, and parents to focus on being at the hospital.

So – thanks is in order, and delivering it is a happy task!


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