facing down challenges

So with the turban off, and my head together again, it’s time to look ahead, and reflect on my overall progress.

In physical therapy, things are going pretty well.  My walking stamina is good, and my balance is pretty good as well.  There’s room for some improvement, but I can’t complain.  When stretching, it’s clear that I’m pretty tight and so much less limber than I ordinarily am, but this is something that time and effort will address.  Earlier today I ran through a single Sun Salute (Hatha Yoga), and have a lot of work to do there before the motions are fluid, but it felt good to start.  I’m not going to be cleared to run until closer to December though, and that’s definitely disappointing.  The reasons are related to ensuring enough healing in my bones, and limiting the amount of jostling to my brain, so this is all pretty easy to understand.

Cognitively, things are also positive.  I’m feeling comfortable doing some light participation on some email threads related to work.  I’m still having a bit of trouble summoning words in some cases.  I’m not able to complete the New York Times crosswords (easy days) yet.  This area is where I’m concentrating most now – for obvious reasons.  It’s the place where I’ll put the most concentration and energy for some time to come.

Working on family issues is also interesting.  I’m wanting to take a more active role in home things that ordinarily I’m not focused on, or that I’m ostensibly "too busy" for.  Well – in that I’m home for a while, there’s no reason I can’t help Kris out more now than before.  Ideally, this will define some nice new patterns of balance to home responsibility too.

One other thing that I’ve noticed is that being bald feels weird to me.  I tend to wear baseball caps a lot – mostly because the doctor suggested I do so for protection (the scar in my head is pretty tender).  Some of it is to hide under because I’m still getting used to my new look.

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