first post-accident partial workout!

Today’s physical therapy was a blast.  Why?  Because I actually did part of a workout for the first time since before the bike accident!

I met my PT over at the Bellevue Aquatic Center.  We started out by doing some laps.  She asked me to do about 200 yards of mixed strokes – breast, crawl, back, side first.  Then I did another 600-700, mostly crawl with some breast mixed in.  Then we got pushed out of the lap pool (politely) by a group doing an MS Water Aerobics class, so we moved over to the warm therapy pool.  There she had me do some stretches, some fast walking (forwards and backwards), and some end-to-end kicking.

So now I’m tired and a bit sore.  But I feel very good about the milestone.  And I’m wanting to start doing some more regular swim workouts too.  I’m thinking that I should also do some regular workouts on the elliptical trainer (we have one downstairs), or on a bike on a trainer (also downstairs).

These means of working out have the advantage of being safe for me – the chances jostling or bumping my head are at a minimum.  Even though it’s not running, I can use them to prepare my body for when I can run.  That’s a good thing, especially in light of how much the minimal workout took out of me.


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