taking the bus

One of the things I’m not supposed to do for a while is to drive.  To this point, I’ve gotten rides everywhere I’ve needed or wanted to go.  Obviously that’s a big burden that Kris shouldn’t have to bear, and the burden would have landed largely on her starting today.  Kris’ parents had been staying with us for a couple of weeks in order to help ferry the kids and I about.  It was great having them here, and I’ve been pretty spoiled.

Well, I’d wanted to run up to the eye doctor to order a pair of glasses this morning.  I had some generous offers of rides up there from my in-laws, and my wife.  I decided it was time to fend for myself though.

Mostly it went well.  I made it to and from with little trouble.  I walked more than I needed to, but that’s no big deal.  The only hiccup was that the online Metro Transit schedule differs from the schedule that the buses actually operate on.  I walked over to a nearby major intersection where I could catch the bus, anticipating that the bus would show up at about 9:06.  I arrived a bit early, so I stopped in the Starbucks across the street, treated myself to a half decaf doppio espresso and a NY Times.  Since it was still early, I lingered a bit and made it out to the bus stop at 9:03.  I glanced over at the schedule and noticed that it indicated that the bus had gone by about two minutes prior.

Not the end of the world, but this is one of those things that makes transit a hassle.  On the other hand, I’m set to pursue a minimal carbon transportation lifestyle whenever getting myself places for the next few months.


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