swimming again

I went swimming again today.  I’d spent the morning doing physical therapy, which involved a brisk walk in Bridle Trails State Park and some yoga as well.  The walk was great, but the yoga was pretty sad.  I definitely need to work on my Sun Salutes.

The swimming felt great.  I did 1200 yards, and could have done more.  Following my PT’s advice, I held myself to just 30 minutes, so as not to overdo it.

The first 1000 yards were all crawl stroke.  It wasn’t pretty.  I slogged each 100 yard interval out at a pace over a minute slower than my pre-accident peak.  My kicks were weak, and I wasn’t able to fully extend my left arm during the stroke, because of the pain related to my broken clavicle and scapula.  I specifically did not try to speed up because I want to build basic stamina.

Getting back into shape after being laid up for almost three months is interesting.  I must be careful not to use the pre-accident Paul as an expectation for performing.  That is sometimes a challenge, but my better sense often wins out.  I suspect it will be hard when I begin running too.

Anyway, after the 1000 yards of freestyle, I finished with 100 of breaststroke and 100 of kicking (no board, just face-down in the water).  Next time I might mix things up a bit, just to work more muscles, and improve that cruddy kicking.

If I keep swimming twice or three times a week, I’ll get back to 2000+ yards pretty soon, and my stamina will improve throughout.

Wish me luck.


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