visiting at work

Today started out on an upbeat note with a good physical therapy session involving a brisk walk in Bridle Trails State Park.  I followed this with a discussion with my counselor, about goals and accomplishments.  Then, the afternoon loomed free. and I thought about one of the aforementioned goals, which was reconnecting with people at work. 

So it was quickly off to the bus to get to the office.  I looked up the schedule online again, and this time entered the correct AM/PM setting, and then walked very quickly down to the stop, catching the bus with about 5 minutes to spare.

An interesting side note of traveling to work by bus.  I passed the accident site for the first time.  There appears to be an orange-painted outline of something tall about where I would have landed.  It’s possible but not certain that this is an outline of me where I landed.  I tried snapping a picture with my cell phone on the way back, but clicked too soon.  I’ll need to head back and get outside and walk around a little.  I don’t know why this is interesting or important, but it’s an impulse I’ll definitely indulge sometime.

I arrived at work after a fifteen or twenty minute trip.  Understand that I wasn’t even sure that my badge would work.  I vaguely recalled my manager saying something while i was in the hospital about being concerned that I’d lost it, and that he might have flagged the card as lost.  So I was happy when I was able to open the side door nearest the bus stop without any issue.  I walked to the receptionist and got a new bus pass (which I need now).

Now the fun part.  I wandered up to my office and saw that a very kind person next door has been watering my plants.  There were some new things waiting for me on my desk, but I didn’t want to take much time to examine them today – I needed to get back on the bus after about 90 minutes.

I wandered the halls for a little while and really enjoyed talked with a number of folks, including several from my team.  It was heartening to hear people’s surprise at how well I’ve recovered, and I shared with them my feeling of how fortunate I am.  I tried to convey how much I appreciate the positive support I’d gotten from the folks at work, including thanking some of those who had come to sit with me in the hospital.

I felt amazed at how warmly received I was.  My intent was simply to go in to reconnect a bit, and that was very easy to initiate with everyone I saw.  With a couple of folks I actually talked a bit of work, which was also fun.  I can’t tell you how much I miss my "everyday" feeling of life, so touching a bit of that is great!

Predictably, I ran out of time all too quickly.  I’ll definitely have to make a trip back in sometime soon to see more folks.  But I coasted through the rest of the afternoon and evening on the positive vibe I drew from visiting the fine folks at work.


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