at the scene

I visited the scene of the accident for the first time yesterday.  I’d been interested in doing this for a while, although I’m not entirely sure why.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t recall anything about the accident.  It’s possible that part of me wants to remember things about it, although that’s unlikely.  More probable is that I just want to understand more about what happened to me on July 1st, and visiting the scene is one way of doing that.


The location of my bicycle and the pickup truck are still visible on the road.  How can I be sure?  Well – the location is just about where you’d think, and the outline is labeled seat, FT (front tire), RT (rear tire).  The pickup truck’s orientation is marked behind me in the picture above. 


The size and shape are correct too.  That’s my bike alright.


The picture above is Kris standing on the corner where the collision took place.  I was riding in the bike lane of the road behind her when the pickup truck cut me off while making the turn onto the side street.  That’s where and how it all happened.

I’m going to get a copy of the police report, which will help me form an accurate picture of what really happened.

We talked about this with our eldest daughter at the dinner table tonight.  She wondered why I wanted the police report, suggesting that .  I explained that it would help me to understand more of what happened.  So she asked whether it would help to discuss things with witnesses or not.  Kris told her that the witnesses might find discussing this with me disturbing.  I volunteered that I might also find it disturbing.  Her questions were very good ones, and talking about this did help me to understand why we’re doing this on the personal level.

There are other reasons as well.  We need to be armed with factual information for the insurance folks – given that the gentleman who nearly killed me didn’t have car insurance, it’s all on us to do this.

Understand that I don’t spend much time in an average day worrying about any of this.  That said, knowing what happened will make it easier to come to peace with all of this.


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