working out the workout

A key part of recovery for me is to soup up the workouts back to where they were before the accident.  I’ve got a long way to go.  I have to build strength and stamina significantly, and my flexibility is currently very poor as well.  Typically I’ll feel the tougher workouts later now, but I take some muscle soreness as a good sign – this is the mark of a good workout!

I’ve tried several new things over the past week.  My previous physical therapist, Debbie had gotten me on my mountain bike perched onto our trainer downstairs.  Most mornings over the past week I’ve gotten on and done about 15 minutes.  Then I’d follow up with maybe 3 ‘Sun Salutes’ (yoga), some stretching, and more recently some crunches (2 minutes of ’em).  It feels good after the fact, and I’m seeing some definite progress in my flexibility.

What I started today was a triathlon swim workout, with a coach.  This is a class that Kris talked me into taking.  Her rationale is that this is a low-key time in the class, as it’s mostly off-season (except for people like her targeting Ironman events in November!).  I was a bit nervous about it, but things went pretty well.  I’m still slow, but was able to make it through the class in pretty good shape.  I think we actually swam 1800 yards today, a new high point for me, including some form and minor speed drills.  Felt good!

As I was climbing out of the pool, I thought I had a strange interaction with the guy one lane over.  I thought I heard him say "… showing the world’s slowest swim workout?".  Didn’t sound very nice, so I said "Sorry, what?".  Then he said "maybe it’s just physical therapy".  Then I took off my swim cap (to make the scar on my head visible), and said calmly  "My experience is that physical therapy works".  Then I climbed out, somewhat perturbed, and went and showered up.  In the shower it occurred to me that he was probably talking about himself (he had adapted a very friendly tone).  This is probably a case of me not hearing correctly (plausible as I’m still healing from the punctured eardrum I got in the accident), and  carrying my feelings too close to the surface.  Good thing I didn’t say anything stupid.

Kris wanted to do a weight workout afterwards, so I took the bus towards home.  I hopped out on the way, near a Starbucks so I could pick up the New York Times and some espresso.  Then I walked home through the north end of Bridle Trails State Park. 

This was a nice way to cap off a good water workout.  I also realize that I’ve simulated a triathlon workout – swim, bike, walk.


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