pacing myself

I’ve been thinking lots about this workout stuff.  Ramping up physically is one of the more straightforward parts of this whole adventure, so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t get it right.  That doesn’t mean getting back to running marathons quickly.  It does mean getting strength and stamina back steadily and predictably.

For the past week or so, I’ve started many days by climbing on a bike mounted on a trainer downstairs.  I’m riding it for twenty minutes now.  That’s not impressive by pre-accident standards, but I’ll take it as good progress nonetheless.  It’s not super exciting, and it’s definitely easier than going over hills when riding outside.  But it is a great way to work my legs, and to warm up for the day.

This morning I attended another triathlon swim workout.  It was a decent workout, including 1800 yards overall, and some minor speed drills.  Interesting thing about this was that I got a bit prickly about my speed.  I was sharing a lane with two women, and started out leading them.  It was pretty clear that I was holding one of them back a bit, so the coach suggested that she go out ahead of me.  Well – I wanted to try hard to retake the front slot from her, but it wasn’t going to happen today.  And it bugged me.  It wasn’t rational, but I’m trying to use this motivation to work harder so I get faster.

I returned home from the swim workout by taking the bus partway, then walking home through Bridle Trails State Park again.  I pushed the walking pace a bit, and shaved a couple of minutes off of my previous time. puts the route at about 2.1 miles, which means I was walking less than 4 mph (hard to believe).  In any case, it felt great to be out there walking.  I feel stronger and hungrier all the time.

A side note – I saw my doctor this afternoon and asked about a long list of issues I’m experiencing.  These include facial numbness, left temporal muscle and nerve issues, and things like this.  He didn’t have answers, but I didn’t really expect him to.  Referrals are what I need here, and he’s coming through with some of those.


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