my walks are getting longer

I’ve gone on longer walks the past three days.  Saturday, I walked just under 5k in about 50 minutes.  Yesterday, I walked a total of about 5 1/2 miles in about 90 minutes.  Today I walked the 3 1/2 miles from the Microsoft campus to physical therapy in under 55 minutes.

Today’s trip was a bit of an adventure.  I had gone to work to attend a talk I was interested in, and figured I’d need about 40 minutes or so to walk to PT.  Based on that estimate, I figured I had plenty of time to enjoy Indian food at the cafeteria spot I enjoy.  I lingered a bit, taking off about 45 minutes before the appointment.

Well – I discerned pretty early on that I’d underestimated the amount of time it would take for the walk.  Also, it started to rain pretty nicely.  I kept as good a pace as I could, but arrived close to ten minutes late for PT.  Fortunately for me, my therapist is a nice guy.  Another lucky break was that the underwater treadmill I was to have gotten on was broken, so I felt lucky to have gotten a good workout in.

After PT, Kris picked me up and we drove into Seattle for a meeting with Kayla’s academic advisor.  The meeting went nicely, with Kayla getting positive comments on her schoolwork and efforts to integrate into the school.  The advisor also said that until about two weeks ago, Kayla talked about my bike accident in her conferences.  It’s encouraging that she appears to have moved on from this.  I don’t imagine it to be a non-issue for her yet, but it’s nice that the subject doesn’t appear to be as prevalent in her mind anymore.


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