official story of the accident

I got a copy of the police report of the accident in today’s mail.  There were a couple of things I learned and/or confirmed from this reading.   Here’s the short summary. 

The driver of the truck that ran over me was very lost.  He was looking for an address that was all the way across Redmond, because when he mapped his destination he omitted the ‘house number’, including only the ‘street number’.  There was also a surprise in the report.  He did see me before turning in front of me.  He apparently thought he had time to complete his turn before I’d get there.  If not for both of these big errors in judgment. this accident never would have happened.

When the driver turned suddenly onto the residential street, I had about 1 second to react.  I simply didn’t have enough time to avoid the truck – on average it takes 1.5 seconds to recognize and respond to a hazard.  It’s not clear how much I could have done though, as I was apparently traveling at about 25 mph, according to several witnesses. 

I ran into the passenger side of the truck, just behind the cab. Upon hitting the truck, I fell onto the road.  The right rear tire of the truck, a Ford F150, then rolled over my head (this was observed by a witness).  The driver then stopped his truck. 

When the driver saw me lying in the road, bleeding from the head, he immediately called 911.  According to the statement he gave to a detective, he then got out of his truck and "tried to communicate with the bicyclist to keep him calm".  So I apparently remained conscious after the collision, although I have no memory of any of this.

Another interesting detail from the report was that the driver had some THC in his bloodstream.   I discussed this finding, and the fact that it was not reflected in the charges brought against the driver in "… and the penalty is". 

I have to wonder how much the driver thinks about the mistakes he made on July 1st.  I’m living with his mistakes all the time, and so is my family.

I realize that I may sound angry.  I suspect you understand though.  To be honest, what makes me the angriest is that he saw me before making the turn.  I can’t imagine letting this guy continue to operate a vehicle.

On the positive side, I don’t know what a Ford F150 weighs, but that was some helmet!


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