getting good medical care is a full-time job

Today I have three different medically-related appointments, starting at 10:30.  Factoring in potential travel time on the bus, my day is pretty full.  If I didn’t have Kris to ferry me between two of them midday, I don’t know what I’d do. 

If I’d been ambitious, I would have walked to my physical therapy appointment this morning.  That would have been a good five mile walk, for a 90 minute appointment.  Then I have an hour to make it from downtown Redmond to Bellevue for an orthodontic appointment.  About an hour after that finishes up, I have a chiropractic appointment about a mile away, which is plenty of time to walk there.

All of this highlights how lucky I am to have help going from place to place.  Without that, I’d have to spread these appointments out over more days, which is tough for the ones that were hard to get.  In addition to having decent medical insurance, having logistical support is another area that I’m pretty fortunate in.  Thanks Kris!

You’d think that being on disability (and not working) would be easy.  But what it really means is that my calendar is actually more unwieldy than usual.  I have a number of full days like this, in between physical therapy, speech therapy, and consultations with various doctors.  By the way, I’m still needing to do things like teacher conferences, watching the kids, and trying to get things done at home too.

Speaking of tough-to-get appointments, I mentioned seeing the orthodontist today about how to get my jaw realigned.  It could be surgery, having my jaw wired, braces, or something else.  It’ll be nice to eventually have a normal bite again.  This is one of the injuries that was considered much less serious than my other injuries, so this sort of slipped past notice.  It’s definitely a pain eating like this though.  I have several open-ended medical followups like this, so it will be good to establish a course of action for at least one of them.


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