continuing serial doctor visits

Last Saturday during my walk through Bridle Trails State Park, I felt a sharp sting on my right knee.  That evening and the following day, my knee was tender, all the way into the muscles.  I was pretty sure it was a spider bite, but didn’t sweat it because I was pretty sure that there weren’t harshly venomous creatures living west of the cascades.

On Monday, when I was at the chiropractor’s, Dr. Hammons noticed that my right leg was swollen, red, and warm to the touch.  He suggested I get checked out.  So I went to see my internist yesterday.  By then, the leg looked better, so I was almost apologetic about scheduling time.  Dr. Goldberg told me that it’s always better to be sure, and agreed that it was probably nothing to worry about.  Although – you know it might be a blood clot in that leg, especially given that you were laid up so long.

Of course I infused concern into my physical therapist earlier today – he promptly forbade me from getting onto the underwater treadmill, and also canceled my incline workout too (frustrating but understandable).

So today I had the leg ultrasounded.  It felt weird having the gel-laden probe sliding down my leg, but the results were good and negative – just confirmed by a call from the doctor. 

Goes to show that my view of medicine has changed.  Prior to my bike accident, I would have blown off going in for this leg swelling.  Good or bad, I would have gotten my incline workout :).

By the way, I have no idea what bit me Saturday.


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