soon to be back in the saddle

Looks like I’m going back to work.  I met with my neurologist yesterday and he gave the okay for 20 hours a week.

I have looked forward to getting back into the office for a while now.  Naturally I have apprehensions too.  Stepping back into an organization that has functioned without me feels a bit daunting.  On the other hand, my boss has been two managers down (in addition to my absence, another guy is on infant care leave).

All the various tests I’ve taken tell me that my cognitive function is just fine, although my short-term memory is probably not as good as before.  I’ll need to keep more careful notes about things, particularly when the various inevitable interruptions occur.

I was talking about this with my boss yesterday.  We need to agree on what my part-time role looks like.  One of his ideas had me focusing on one of the areas I manage for a while, and growing my role out from there.  That sounds interesting, but I’m not sure it would prove practical (I don’t want to shut the other team members out, when I’m back in the office).  But we’ll come up with something.

When we were talking yesterday, my manager mentioned that when the accident happened he was concerned about the worst-case scenario – me not making it.  I replied that I fortunately slept through the scariest part of this adventure.  But I’d heard a similar lament the evening before from one of my running friends.  They arrived at the ICU, and saw me hooked up to a zillion machines with fans on me to lower my body temperature so that my brain didn’t swell any more than it already had.  

I once asked Kris whether she worried about me dying.  She told me that she always believed that I would live, but worried about whether the person who woke up in the ICU would resemble the me she knew.  Unfortunately for her, I did :).

It seems odd to wax philosophical upon the occasion of returning to work.  But since the recovery process is essentially a march back to normal life, it makes some sense that we’d reminisce about the scarier times. 

What we’ve come to realize is that recovery is a process the whole family goes through together.  What that means, I’m not entirely sure of yet.

Anyway – Monday I get to become a working person again.  Who’ve thought this would all happen so quickly?


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