end or beginning?

I returned to work today.  That’s one of many steps necessary for things to get back to ‘normal’ again.

I had a physical therapy appointment this morning, and wanted to get some walking in.  The problem was that I had two backpacks worth of stuff to carry, some of it needing to get to my office.  We arranged it so that I could leave a bit early, take a bus to work, and then walk the nearly four miles to PT.

At PT, I ran three miles on the underwater treadmill, underwent some stretching and manipulation, and then finished with some uphill walking (sidewise too) on the conventional treadmill.

Then it was time to relax at work :).

Actually it felt great getting into some of the work discussions again.  I felt a bit rusty in spots, but expect that won’t last long.  I’ll spend the next several weeks reconnecting with my team members, and probably working on some concentrated technical tasks as well.

Four hours later, it was time to get home.  I got a ride from my manager.  As we we chatting in the car, we drove past the accident site.  I pointed it out, but it felt odd that I’d brought it up.  That relates to my next point …

As with many transitions, it’s hard to classify this as the end of something.  What would that be anyway – my era of short-term disability?  It feels much more like a new beginning.  And for that reason, I’m not going to use the ‘bike crash’ category much in this blog anymore.  I’ll reserve it for things that relate only to the crash itself.  I’ve created a new category called ‘recovery’ for items that relate primarily to recovery for my family and I. 

I’m doing this because I think it’s definitely time to put some more distance between me and the accident. 

I still think about it many times a day, but never want what happened on July 1st to define me.


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