the guy under the red hat

I wear a hat most of the time now.  In part, it’s habit.  A while back, my surgeon told me to wear one to protect my head.  Now we all know that wearing a baseball cap doesn’t provide much protection, but put that aside for now.

The second reason is that I’m still self-conscious about the asymmetry that the cranioplasty left on my head.  I’m speaking to a reconstructive surgeon about it next week, but it will likely be a while before anything can be done.  In the meantime, I’ve been wearing hats.  For the most part, I’ve worn baseball caps. 

But one evening last week there was a package waiting for me when I got home.  It was a nice cap, very much in the style I’d wanted to buy.  And it’s red.  Thanks Dad!


I like the hat.  It’s a great conversation starter.  On the other hand it does potentially draw attention to the place (my head) I’m not wanting to talk about so much.  Although you can’t see the injury so much under the hat, it can be hard to control self-conscious feelings.  All of that said, what I enjoy about the cap is that it’s a chance to converse about something that’s not related to the accident.  That’s an interesting challenge to my self-conscious feelings. 

The hat is very comfortable, and will be handy now that the weather is turning cooler.  So – I’ve been wearing it a lot.


One response to “the guy under the red hat

  • Simon

    One word for you with regard to your noggin: spackle.  Just get some spackle and some paint and let your kids smooth you out.  I bet it will look awesome!

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