walking through the workouts

Over the past six weeks or so, I’ve been walking a bunch.  Sometimes I’ll choose to walk to an appointment, sometimes it will be just for the sake of getting a workout in.  I’ve developed two short-term goals over time : to walk up Mount Si on Christmas Eve, and to walk to Seattle Half Marathon on Thanksgiving weekend.  Note that this has nothing to do with celebrating holidays per se, but it has everything to do with celebrating good health, both on the physical and emotional side.

One week I walked about 36 miles, but more often I’m closer to 20-25 miles.  While walking doesn’t provide me the higher heart rate workout, it does help to develop stamina, and definitely provides a sanity break similar to running.  It’s done wonders for my mental health, and has definitely helped hasten my recovery along.

This morning found the whole family doing the "Pumpkin Push" 5k down in Seward Park.  The original motivation was that Kayla’s cross-country team was wrapping up their season by going out and doing a 5k (longer than the distance they’d run in their meets).  It turned out that the whole family did the distance.  And this was Rachel’s first 5k!

Kayla set a new 5k PR for herself.  I surprised myself by walking each mile just under 13 minutes.  Kris and Rachel did the course in under 20 minutes per mile (the first mile was under 15 minutes!).

Being active is a great way to work through adversity.  I was just talking with my sister in law on the phone about how great it is to invest in yourself in such a healthy way.  It’s good for your physical health.  But don’t overlook how central it is for your emotional health too.  Even getting out for a 15-30 minute walk each day will help you feel about a thousand percent better than before.

I woke up feeling creaky in my low back, and feeling down about my tinnitus … three and an eighth miles later the malaise had faded a lot.  Part of that was because I got to watch lots of people physically challenging themselves this morning – which is definitely inspiring.  Being in the 12-13 minute per mile part of the pack is different for me, and I got to see more people doing their first 5k, or working hard to go the distance.  Watching an event from a different vantage point definitely feels inspiring.  Also though, when you challenge yourself in a  new way (this was the first race I’ve walked), you can find new things to appreciate within.


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