why the pain and nuisance ?

So in the midst of all of this recovery, I’m feeling some pain and discomfort than wasn’t so bad before.  I’m confident that both of these examples are related to the accident.

For the past three days or so, I’ve had noise apparent in both ears.  In the months before, I’ve had a lot of fluid in my ears, which definitely hindered my hearing a bit.  But the tinnitus is really annoying.  It’s beginning to affect my sleep.  The literature online is not very encouraging.  It tells me that tinnitus can occur as a result of head injury or ear infection, that it affects millions, and isn’t necessarily curable.

The other thing that’s annoying is a pain in my very low back, along the inside edge of my sacrum.  My chiropractor checked it out earlier this week, and he speculated that I may have had a fracture there as a result of the accident, because the bone is skewed off to one side (ergo the pain).  If there was a nasty injury there, it’s possible that this is pain I’ll have to manage for a lifetime.  This one is really annoying because if it hurts when I walk, it could hurt more when I run.  Having a limiting back injury would really stink.

I recognize that this sort of bellyaching isn’t positive, but the frustration is real.  Actually, things aren’t too bad now, but I’m concerned that these things won’t resolve, and that I’ll have to deal with them for the long term.  That’s where the attitude comes from.


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