orthodontic surprises

As a result of the bike accident, my bite is screwed up.  My right side top/bottom teeth no longer touch when I bite down.  I mentioned a while back that I’d thought I’d have the braces for about six weeks, around the time of surgery.  The braces would complement the correction from the oral surgery, and my bite would return to normal fairly quickly.

I went to see an orthodontist this morning.  His recommendation is that the braces would be on for two years, with oral surgery occurring about halfway through.  That’s a little bit different than what I’d heard before. 

The other thing that’s annoying is that I need to contact my medical insurance company to see whether or not this work can be covered under medical insurance.  If not, the nearly $7K worth of work would be largely out of pocket.  By the way, that’s a lot of money.

I am also surprised that the orthodontic folks could not give me a straightforward yes or no answer to my question about the coverage.  I find it hard to believe that they haven’t dealt with accident victims like me before.

I did anticipate this issue a while back, and it’s popped up again with respect to the plastic surgery I’m exploring for my head.  I’m really hoping that the insurance folks draw a distinction between truly optional procedures, and ones that simply get my head and teeth back to the way they looked and worked before this guy hit me.

Surprises like this tick me off.


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