the runner mumbles

The Runner Mumbles is the monthly newsletter of the Eastside Runners, very well produced by my friend Bob Wismer.  It’s received praise as possibly the best running club newsletter in the northwest, as determined by the folks at Northwest Runner magazine.

In addition to the useful stuff, like info about club events, race reports and the like, the latest issue includes several things about my accident and recovery.  Check it out if you’re interested :

The articles in question are on pages 7, 8, and 9.  I wrote the first one as a big "thank you" to the folks in the club, who did so much for my family and I during the first two months of recovery.  The second one is a nice article written by my friend Landy, centering on the first days in the hospital when everyone was coming together to help out.  The last is a thank-you note from my parents and brother to the club.

I’ve written race reports for the Mumbles before, and have really enjoyed swapping stories about various marathons all over the country with my ESR running friends.  You can read the back issues to get a sense of these stories.  Check out Spring 2006 (Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans), Summer 2006 (Sunflower Iron Event), Winter 2007 (Marine Corps Marathon), Summer 2008 (Free State Trail Marathon in Kansas) for a sampling.  These stories help to pass the miles when we’re out on the trail together.  They also helped form the friendships I’ve enjoyed so much.

Being out on the trail together for several hours gives you a chance to get to know people pretty well.  And still, those people can move you with their grace and kindness.


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