another saturday morning workout

As I’m still not driving or running, I have to be flexible about how I get workouts done.  And traditionally I’d get a longer workout in over the weekend.  In the past I’d attend the Eastside Runner Saturday morning runs.  However if there isn’t a reasonable bus route there so I can go do a walk with them, it isn’t an option.

Initially I was disappointed about not being able to get out to the ESR run in the Redmond Watershed this morning.  That is one of my favorite places to run, and I’ve put hundreds of miles in there in the past.  It’s up off of Novelty Hill Road, now home to thousands of people in master-planned homes and communities, so I was surprised that there isn’t a weekend bus route up there.  Perhaps this means that no one up there really takes the bus other than to commute to work.  That’s a bit surprising because there is a significantly-sized retirement community right next to the Watershed.  I’d have thought that some of those fine folks would like a bus route.  Guess not.

Anyway, since I couldn’t make it to the Watershed (without doing a twenty-plus mile walk anyway), workout plan B was required.

What I did was to take a longer route down to the ESR breakfast near Redmond Town Center.  As a straight shot it’s probably just 4 1/2 miles.  But by taking the long route around Bridle Trails State Park, and then also extending my path through Marymoor Park (by walking through the dog park), I was able to get 9 miles in.  Then I walked into the market, and sat down to eat breakfast with twenty or so close friends.  Definitely a nice morning.

I’m keeping a good solid pace when walking.  I can usually raise a bit of a sweat, even if my heart rate doesn’t climb above 115 or so.  When I think about it, I’ll incorporate Chi Walking techniques (at least those that I’m aware of).  I’ll try remembering to engage my core.  I’ll use the time to allow my mind to drift over things I want to think about.  It ends up being great decompression time for me, much like running is.

What I’m trying to do is to sustain myself emotionally and prepare myself physically for being able to run again (about two months to go).

I visited with Cathy, an HR Manager I work with at Microsoft yesterday.  She’s a runner as well, so we naturally talked a bit about the marathon she’s training for.  Somewhere in there, I realized how different my emotional state would be if I weren’t able to walk or swim.  While these things may not be as big a passion as running is, they’re great workouts.  And in the big scheme of things, running isn’t that far away. 

As this sinks in, I smile.  It’s important to take heart when you’re taking steps towards a larger goal.  Especially when that goal takes significant time.


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