hills to climb – a redux

Yesterday I tortured myself with some hill repeats, and felt good about it (once it was over that is).  Today, I did something similar, with a similar result.

Logistics kept me from walking today.  I was supposed to be at work for a 10 am meeting, but had to meet some electricians at home before that.  So I had to sneak out of work to the gym over lunch instead.

Once there, I decided to try doing some time on the Step Mill.  That’s a machine with a conveyor belt of steps.  You can adjust the speed, but even at a moderate pace your heart rate shoots up.  I managed 20 minutes at level 9 (don’t know how high the levels go), and barely finished.  The machine said I’d climbed 2 miles (nonsense because I wasn’t walking a 10 min/mile pace), and that I climbed the equivalent of about 80 floors.

I followed up with 25 minutes on a recumbent bike, set on a ‘hill workout’.  I tried to sustain a 90 stroke per minute pace on the bike, which was difficult.  By then my heart rate climbed into the mid 170s – which is very high for me.

I’m realizing that I’ve been lacking in aerobic workouts for the past four months.  Doing the fast walking and moderate swimming is good stuff, but it doesn’t get my heart rate as high as running on the track does.  And I’ve definitely felt that these past two days.

The good news is that while I felt wiped out during the workouts, I’m okay afterwards.  It’ll be interesting to note how my legs feel tomorrow, but I think I can work through whatever pain that is.

Thinking positively, I’m really starting to approach a harder workout regime like I’ve done in the past.  It will be interesting to see how well this ends up preparing me for trail running.


One response to “hills to climb – a redux

  • Matt

    Sorry, but the math problem here was just too tempting. So first of all, 80 stories is about 800 feet, which is hardly two miles. But maybe they calculating the length of the hypotenuse, which would be more accurate anyway. If the stairs are equal height and length then that would still only be 1,131 feet, which is also not two miles. For you to have "travelled" two miles and the stairs were 6 inches high the stairs would have had to have been 6.58 feet long. If they were then you did travel two miles.

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