getting back to ‘normal’

I’ve been going to a triathlon swim workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the past five weeks or so.  Kris pushed me to do it, and she was right.

I was concerned about whether I’d be able to do the yardage, and keep up.  The answer to both has been a resounding ‘yes’.

When I started swimming again post-accident, I was about 60 seconds off of my fastest 100 yard split time (measured pre-accident).  This morning we tested our 50 and 100 yard times.  I came in just six seconds off of my peak.  Even better, I negative split during both the 50 yard and 100 yard repeats.  Wow!

I’ve still got a ways to go before I’m physically recovered.  But feeling progress like this is great.  As I’ve said about being back at work, the more normal things get, the better I feel.

Another milestone I’m pleased with is that I’ve started doing squats again.  Torturous, minute-long sets, but great for building strength and getting my muscles firing.  It’s been six months since I’ve done these – I’d laid off of them because I was rolling through a marathon per month, and thought it unwise to strain my big muscles groups like that.  When I’m rehabbing, it’s great though.  My hope is that doing this will help with my low back pain too.

Amazing that this is all happening just over four months after I came so close to death or profound disability.  I am indeed lucky.


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